Learning Untethered participating in Learning 2.0 Conference

An exciting week is on tap with the Learning 2.0 Conference – a free and virtual conference available to everyone.  The week kicks off with a virtual “unconference,” a particularly useful format for connecting with others who share our interests. The topics are chosen by the attendees, and the insights from these interest-led discussions tend to be at the leading edge of practice and research, and yet interesting and accessible to those who are new to the topic. Highly Recommended!!

The rest of the week has an intriguing lineup of keynoters and sessions.  We will be presenting some of the Learning Untethered results at a session near the end of the week: Friday at 12:00 noon, Pacific Time – please join us!

The conference is hosted by social networking pioneer, Steve Hargadon, whose Classroom 2.0 social network has been connecting educators for the past 5 years and whose  Future of Education interview series continually brings us  top thought leadership in education.

The conference is part of Connected Educator Month organized by the US Department of Education.  (Our thanks to the Department’s Office of EdTech for the twitter shout-out about our report!!)

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Just Released: Learning is Personal, stories of Android Tablet Use in the 5th Grade

Today we released our report describing the implementation, conclusions, and recommendations of the Learning Untethered project exploring the use of Android tablets in a 5th grade classroom.

Our approach was non-traditional: a collaborative exploration rather than formal research (we call it “guerilla research”).  Our results were counterintuitive: 10-year-olds are not automatically fans of mobile devices, nor do they instinctively know how to navigate all things digital, but the process of exploring with technology led them to unexpected levels of independence, agency, and competence.  Our report is informal: we share the good, the bad, and the ugly of implementing a mobile 1:1 program and we discuss our opinions and insights based on suggestive evidence as well as facts and conclusions that are more rigorous. Continue reading

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Learning Un-Limited is now Learning Untethered


Welcome to the new home of Learning Untethered, formerly Learning Un-Limited.

As of this writing, we have completed a full school year of putting Samsung Galaxy Tablets, enabled with 3G mobile data from Kajeet for Education, in the hands of 27 5th-graders and their teacher.   Over the course of the project, the following key themes/questions emerged:

  • Are tablet devices, with their small screens and miniscule keyboards good enough to replace laptops for student work when they need to create content such as writing papers, creating presentations, etc?
  • Are Android devices a viable alternative to the popular iOS devices for instructional use?
  • Does student use of technology at home allow the teacher more face-to-face time at school for richer, more in-depth, or more complex learning activities?
  • Are primary school students able to learn to behave as responsible citizens when given extensive Internet access?

Continue reading

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