Just Released: Learning is Personal, stories of Android Tablet Use in the 5th Grade

Today we released our report describing the implementation, conclusions, and recommendations of the Learning Untethered project exploring the use of Android tablets in a 5th grade classroom.

Our approach was non-traditional: a collaborative exploration rather than formal research (we call it “guerilla research”).  Our results were counterintuitive: 10-year-olds are not automatically fans of mobile devices, nor do they instinctively know how to navigate all things digital, but the process of exploring with technology led them to unexpected levels of independence, agency, and competence.  Our report is informal: we share the good, the bad, and the ugly of implementing a mobile 1:1 program and we discuss our opinions and insights based on suggestive evidence as well as facts and conclusions that are more rigorous.

We spend a lot of ink communicating the context and “feel” of our experiences – in that way we hope to communicate not only our explicit learnings, but perhaps some of the tacit knowledge that we gained through this experience.  In our results, we focus largely on those things that we found to be surprising or counterintuitive as they catalyzed the greatest learning for us.

We hope that our experiences of this past year will be of some benefit to others who are contemplating mobile 1:1 projects.  Our report can be downloaded here.

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