What happens when school children are given the tools they need to extend their learning beyond the four walls of the classroom and the limited hours of the school day?

We’re finding out…

Learning Un-Limited is a project that gives young learners the tools to freely and responsibly use technology to connect with their learning materials and learning communities anywhere, anytime.

During the 2011-2012 school year, a class of 5th graders received Samsung Galaxy Tablets with mobile broadband data to use for learning as well as for their own purposes. These young students not only became savvy Internet and technology users, but shifted their learning from passively waiting for information from their teacher to actively seeking out answers as independent learners.

In this project we explored the differences in student performance using tablets for writing versus using the more traditional netbooks. We investigated the appropriateness of Android devices as an alternative to the popular iOS devices. We also observed intriguing shifts in the day-to-day practice of teaching and learning that occurred as personal mobile devices, providing 24/7 access to learning content and learning communities, removed obstacles to the kind of learning environment many educators strive for.


Download our report: Learning is Personal, Stories of Android Tablet Use in the 5th Grade

Looking for MORE mobile learning?

We recommend the CoSN Conference in San Diego March 11-13.  This conference attracts thoughtful leaders from school districts across the nation along with industry partners to explore educational technology in a leading-edge context.  This year, Learning is Personal project manager, Marie Bjerede will be conducting a pre-conference workshop that highlight’s CoSN’s new resource for administrators and leaders interested in mobile learning.  We hope so see you there!!



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